Welcome to Arlington Has It “ALL!”

The Arlington District located in the Town of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. has activities for the whole family. Love the outdoors? Visit our Events Calendar and navigate through all the activities that will be taking place on one of the most prestigious campuses in the Hudson Valley, Vassar College!

Yoga on the Lawn at Vassar College Lawn

Yoga classes for all ages and abilities
Come explore a balanced and nuanced approach to yoga in a welcoming, friendly environment no matter your age, ability, or condition. Enjoy the benefits of Yoga with dedicated and a passionate group of Yoga instructors here to support you. Feel free to bring your own props which will help extend your yoga experience. Click here for Yoga Schedule and Pricing on the Lawn.

Food from the farmers market tastes sweet, crisp, and fresh!

Often fruits and vegetables were picked just hours before the farmers market opens, and have traveled less than fruits and vegetables traveling through the conventional wholesale channel to the grocery stores. The fruits and vegetables offered at farmers markets will always taste sweeter because it has higher sugar content because it has ripened on a tree instead of a truck/train or shelf. Visit us on the Lawn at Vassar College and learn to shop organically and learn new recipes so that your family can thrive and eat healthy, while supporting your local farmers. Click here for schedule.

Concert Series on the Lawn

Come on down with your friends and families, bring a blanket and a basket of snacks and jam with local artists on the lawn and see the Who’s Who that is rocking on the Vassar Lawn. Click here for events page.

  • Keep It Local!

    Come explore the wonderful shops and businesses of Historic Arlington. Full of charm, variety and convenience, you can relax and enjoy friendly 1-on-1 service among our unique locally-owned stores who are proud to call Arlington home.

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  • Great Dining!

    Some of the area’s best chefs are serving up wonderful food and innovative dining experiences from fabulous lunches, to delicious dinners, and all the tasty bites in between! Whatever you are craving, it’s all on the menu at Arlington restaurants!

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  • Unique Shops!

    Historic Arlington is famous for our wide variety of stores and unique specialty stores. Shop with ease, and get the service and attention you can’t get anywhere else. Explore what we have in store for you! Shop for yourself or someone special!

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