Youngster Yogis on the Lawn, Ages 2-6, Saturdays 9:30-10:15am

This class is geared towards ages 2-6. Focusing on balance and breath work, children will explore their bodies by moving through asanas (yoga poses) with the encouragement of imagination and story telling. Children will learn healthy peer interaction through the use of partner poses. They will refine balance and coordination and enhance body awareness. The benefits are endless. Class is taught by Liz from starting July 9th  and going until the end of August!

Youthful Yogis on the Lawn, Ages 7-12 Saturdays 10:30-11:30am

This class is for ages 7-12. Our children live in a hurry up world of business, school pressures, video games – the list goes on. We don’t really think of these as stressful influences on kids, but they often are. Yoga can help counter these pressures. In this class, we’ll learn techniques for self-health and relaxation. Kids will experience healthy peer interaction through partner poses, focus, stretch and improve coordination. They will also build their self-esteem and learn to navigate life’s challenges with more ease. Class is taught by Liz from starting July 9th  and going until the end of August!

Cost of Youngster Yogis & Youthful Yogis: $15 per child, per class. Second Sibling $13 & Third sibling is $11.

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